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Who We Are

Backlot is a full service location agency representing a portfolio of commercial properties for film and TV production use.

Backlot was founded in 2020 by Darren Goldberg and Chris Marsh, two veterans of the film and television industry.

Our parent company, Atlantic Pictures, was launched in 2007 and is currently one of the city’s most active providers of production services to studios and networks. The company is also a prolific producer of video content for several of the largest commercial landlords in New York.

Our Story

The impetus for launching Backlot was born out of our own production experiences and conversations with our commercial real estate clients. It was clear that opportunities on both sides of the business were being missed due in large part to property owners’ historical disinterest in catering to the type of short term needs that productions require.

Backlot developed a six-phase process to facilitate and manage every aspect of these transactions to the benefit of productions and property clients including the creation of new, meaningful revenue streams.

Our Clients

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Backlot connects major film and television productions with commercial real estate landlords.