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Are you a Property Owner?

Different than a traditional broker, Backlot is a low impact, turnkey management company that facilitates all aspects of lead generation, marketing, sales, project management and operations.

We eliminate the headaches that are generally associated with media production while generating real revenues for our clients.

Management Phases


Onboard Property

  • Determine production viability.
  • Identify production hurdles.
  • Photograph property.
  • Meet teams and join property workflow.


  • Add to Backlot website and tag relevant search term.
  • Promote property to exclusive industry platforms.
  • Dedicate sales team.
  • Lead all property tours.


  • Negotiate pricing and security deposit.
  • Capitalize on upsell opportunities.
  • Spearhead license agreement.


  • Manage insurance/COIs
  • Manage production’s location requests
  • Provide owner with detailed work list review
  • Manage 3rd party vendors

On Site Representation

  • Staff experienced Site Rep to be on-site throughout the production’s presence on the property.
  • Manage day-of requests between property and production.
  • Manage access protocols.

Wrap Up

  • Oversee space restoration.
  • Organize final walkthrough.
  • Facilitate all payments, wrap up accounting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine if my property would be a good shooting location?

Give us a call! If you believe you own a property that would be good for filming, we will send our scout team over to take a look. Part of our responsibilities include properly vetting all locations to assure that they are film appropriate and for what types of productions they would serve as good locations.

What is the pricing for your services?

We charge a percentage of all signed license agreements. We do not charge any fees upfront.

Who handles the location contract?

Backlot will facilitate all contracts between a property owner and production. If you have legal representation, we will work with them to discuss industry standards and expectations. If you don’t have representation, we can offer that service via a third party firm as a pass-through cost.

Who from the property needs to be on site during filming?

Backlot provides an experienced site representative for every production. Generally, no additional staffing is required while the production is on site. If the property requires additional staffing (such as engineer, security, etc.), we will work with your team to identify those costs and assure that they are recognized and approved as a pass through to production during the contract phase.

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